Repigmentation = Melanin

Why Does Hair Colour Vary from Blonde to Black?

  • The natural hair colour is the result of melanin deposited along the hair shaft and the cortex (middle layer).
  • Colour shade depends on the amount and distribution of these two types of melanin (genetically programmed): eumelanin (black-brown pigment) and pheomelanin (red-yellow pigment)

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Greying Hair Process = Gradual Loss of Melanin

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

The shade of hair depends on the natural pigmentation at the hair bulb. Hair will turn grey when the process of natural pigmentation (as the production of melanin dips) falters.

Reasons for Grey Hair:

  • Frequent dyeing of hair
  • Hair bulb oxidation
  • Long-term sun and UV exposure
  • Gradual loss of melanin due to emotional stress

Strategy to Reverse Grey Hair:

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