Frequently Asked Questions

Anti Hair Loss (Topical)

1. What is TRICHODERM®BlackSeries and how does it work?
The TRICHODERM®BlackSeries is a landmark formula made of revolutionary anti-hair loss ingredients developed by renowned biotechnology specialists in France, Switzerland and Japan. These specialists have conducted in-depth studies on the ingredients, including the methods that lead to redensifying and thickening the hair. It is available as a Leave-on Serum and Shampoo. Powered by TrichoCell™ Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology with stem cells from the rare Swiss Apple and the most resistant Argan trees, a unique Trichological Complex, and carefully selected Japanese Botanical extracts, TRICHODERM®BlackSeries Intensive Hair Reactive Serum is a premium next-generation leave-on serum that helps redensify and thicken the hair, and restore the hair’s elasticity and strength by targeting hair follicle stems cells and supplying the hair with essential hair growth nutrients.
2. How effective is TRICHODERM®BlackSeries
When used, the active ingredients in TRICHODERM (Trichological Complex) has found to reduce hair shedding in users, while effectively spurring growth of dense and thick hair. TRICHODERM® can also boost the growth of denser and thicker hair shafts, giving them a healthier feel and glow. The best results are obtained when used upon the first appearance of symptoms. Among people with mild or heavy baldness, hair growth can be reactivated if the papilla and bulb haven’t disappeared completely. In severe cases, only existing hair can be saved. Note: Results vary between users and are subject to various factors, including heredity, hair loss history, lifestyle, age group, etc. The shedding of existing hair may occur while new hair is protruding. A healthy lifestyle with reduced stressed levels and a balanced diet is recommended to better protect hair follicles.
3. Who can use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries

The TRICHODERM®BlackSeries is  with problems of hair loss or thinning hair.

4. Does TRICHODERM®BlackSeries cause side effects?

No, when used as directed. TRICHODERM®’s active ingredients are all made of natural compounds and have a long history of topical use. There is no systemic side effect known. It does not contain any hormones.

5. Will TRICHODERM®BlackSeries change the level of testosterone in my body?

No. The active ingredients are extracts from natural products, not drugs that may cause hormonal imbalance.

6. Do I need to wash my hair before applying TRICHODERM®BlackSeries

It is not necessary, but for optimal results, apply the serum onto a clean and damp scalp.

7. Can I use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries immediately after a hair dye or perm?

Yes, so long as the scalp is clean and free from residues of dye or perming agents.

8. Is TRICHODERM®BlackSeries suitable for excessively oily hair types? Can it remove odour?

Yes. TRICHODERM® is formulated with a unique Trichological Complex and a careful selection of Japanese extracts that help clean, and has the ability to control, the secretion of active oil glands. It can also help remove hair odour.

9. Can I use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries with other kinds of hair treatment?

It is not advisable to use TRICHODERM® along with other topical products as there are yet any studies conducted on the application of other products in addition to TRICHODERM®. However, it may be used together with other oral treatments.

10. Do I need to use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries forever?

When you have obtained the desired result after 4 to 6 months, you should continue to use TRICHODERM®BlackSeries to maintain the revitalized hairs. However, you can start reducing its application from once a day to three times a week.

* Disclaimer: This product helps control hair loss and reactivate the growth of healthy and strong hair. It is not intended as a treatment to restore hair colour to black.

Anti Hair Loss (Act Inside Out)

1. Is Trichoderm®Women only suitable for women? Can men take it as well?

The causes of abnormal hair loss for men and women are different. Keranat™, the patented active ingredient in Trichoderm®Women, contains a unique combination of rare Miliacin and polar lipids that help improve hormonal balance in women, thus encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss.
However, this does not affect DHT, which causes Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) – and therefore will not be effective in helping men combat causes of hair loss.
Nonetheless, there are no side effects should men decide to take Trichoderm®women. Instead, this may result in an improvement in men’s hair and skin conditions.

2. Is Trichoderm Men only suitable for male?

The causes of abnormal hair loss in men and women are different. BEAULIXIR®, the clinically active ingredient in Trichoderm Men, is a proprietary synergy of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, lignans and antioxidants. It acts through a multifunctional approach to target the multiple causes of hair loss and thinning hair in men without compromising their sexual performance or sexual health. It helps to improve hair loss, boosts its volume, growth, diameter, strength and reduces greasiness.

3. What kind of results can I expect?

(Women) Within an average of three to six months, users generally experience less hair shedding as hair follicles are nourished. Hair tends to grow thicker as well. Some also experience improved skin quality.

(Men) Within an average of three to six months, the general user reports thicker hair and less shedding as hair follicles are more nourished. Some users also state improved hair quality.

4. Does Trichoderm® work on all hair types?

Yes. Trichoderm® is effective for all hair types, from oily to dry, curly to straight.

5. Is Trichoderm considered a drug?

No. Trichoderm is 100% drug-free. All active ingredients come from natural sources. It is not a hormonal supplement.

6. Will Trichoderm® grow unwanted hair on other parts of the body?

No. The hormones affecting body hair and scalp hair are different. Trichoderm® helps balance and improve hormones pertaining to scalp hair only.

7. What is the recommended dosage?

Intensive Treatment: Take 3 capsules once daily continuously for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Maintenance Treatment: take 2 capsules once daily.

8. When is the best time to take Trichoderm during the day?

Before meals for optimum absorption

Anti Grey Hair (Acu inside out)

1. Is Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement natural?

Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement is a drug-free, natural remedy that contains mainly of MELATINE®, a clinically proven ingredient/natural hydrolysed soluble keratin.

2. Will Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement cause an allergic reaction?

No, don't worry — the product has been meticulously tested and is proven to be allergen-free.

3. Is Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement a dye for black hair?

No, MELATINE® is a patented naturally soluble keratin hydrolysates, manufactured by state-of-the-art technology. Rich in melanin (the pigment responsible for natural hair colouring), it serves as direct stimulation of the hair bulb to repigment hair from the base.

4. Why is the supplement made from black sheep wool?

The aminogram found in black sheep wool is very close to that of human hair. MELATINE®, the product of cutting-edge patented French technology that manufactures keratin hydrolysates from black sheep wool without damaging its intrinsic preperites. It is a patented hydrolysed soluble keratin so rich in melanin it can reactivate hair pigmentation.

5. Is black sheep wool edible?

MELATINE® contains amino acids found in black sheep wool (similar to those in the human body), which are then transformed into a food-grade active ingredient that restores natural hair colours. These hydrolysates are totally natural and soluble and they are bioavailable to 96%.

6. Will the black sheep be slaughtered for their wool?

No, we treat all animals with dignity and respect. The sheep are kept for shearing and do not go to slaughter. The black wool is collected for our manufacturing process only after the sheep's wool have shed naturally.

7. What is the best time to take Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement?

You are recommended to take two capsules once daily before meals.

8. Where is Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement made?

Trichoderm Grey Hair Reverse Supplement is made in France with its patented ingredient, MELATINE®.

9. How effective is the supplement?

The MELATINE® therapy has passed the DERMSCAN clinical studies on human volunteers, which demonstrated a gradual regimentation of white and greying hair.