4 Reasons Why Hair Matters When Making a First Impression

First impressions are easy to make, hard to forget and it all it takes is 3 seconds for someone to form an opinion about you. Similar to the way we dress and speak, our hair says a lot about us and plays a crucial role in the way we are perceived especially during interviews and at the workplace. When it comes to first impressions, personal grooming always takes the cake for having the biggest impact. Unlike many other facial features that can't be enhanced easily, our hair is something that we can play around with to match our style – from hair cut to colour and texture – there's so much that can be done to fit your personality and preferences. Here are the 4 reasons why your hair matters when making a first impression and what you can do about it to ensure that you're setting the right one!


It Portrays Your Character

We've often been told how we present ourselves tells a story to others, and this is the same when it comes to our hair. Our choice of hair cut and style can make one guess if you are playful, serious, sensual, rigid, risky or conservative.  Styling your hair in a way that is on par with your personality gives you an opportunity to create the kind of impression you want others to have of you.


It Sets An IMAGE

Think of yourself as a brand and the perception you'd want others to have of you. Personal grooming which includes having good, healthy hair does help with 'branding' as it shows others how serious you are when it comes to looking good. Similar to a youthful or professional appeal, our hair plays a vital role on how we are judged by others when it comes to age, hygiene and health.


It May Affect How People Approach You

Due to human nature, how you look can greatly affect the way you are approached by others.  In addition, the impression others have on you can affect your interactions with those around you as it may make it easy or difficult for you to approach them and vice versa.  


It Can Reflect Your Weaknesses

We are often worried about how we are judged or seen by others. Thus, having an issue like thinning hair or premature greying hair which is easily noticed can kill our self-esteem. In fact, studies have shown that hair loss can have a deep psychological impact on us which may even lead to depression.

Although thinning hair or greying hair would not be the sole reason for you to not get hired, it may be a factor as these conditions are what employers look out for and take note of.

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