With the variety of anti-hair loss oral supplements available on the market, which one should balding men pick? On one hand, some supplements are effective but come with the negative side effect of a reduced sexual libido. On the other hand, supplements with natural ingredients often do not deliver what they promise. When caught between this dilemma, what would you choose? Recently, a new innovative formula developed by an Italian research team has been discovered —   BEAULIXIR®  .

It contains all-natural ingredients, is drug-free with no negative side effects, and does not affect men’s sexual libido and performance. Its effectiveness in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth is comparable to that of medical drugs. Furthermore, authentic experiences by users and clinical data have proven that after consuming the formula, men with hair loss regained both their hair and confidence in just 30 days!

A Hair-Loss Saviour
Proven Effective For Italians And Japanese

No matter how effective a formula claims to be, it has to be supported by trustworthy and reliable data. BEAULIXIR® has been clinically studied for a period of 6 months in Italy, where users saw different levels of improvement in their hair loss problems after consuming BEAULIXIR® consecutively for one, three, and six months. The results experienced by users from Japan and all over the world prove that the formula is effective!


Users in Japan:

Hair Shows Signs Of Regrowth After One-Month Consumption

Growth Of New Hair  After Two-Month Consumption

Japanese User Experience:

A manager of Ota Company in Japan saw hair regrowth after four-month consumption

Besides experiencing hair regrowth on his scalp area as indicated by the red circle, the condition of his scalp inflammation also improved, with less skin redness and a more healthy, even tone.

Source: Director Willfarm Japan
Source: www.willfarm.jp/material-beaulixir.html

Clinical Trials In Italy

After consuming BEAULIXIR® consecutively for one month, more than 70 percent of users reported an improvement in hair loss prevention

Three months later, a microscopic observation showed an improvement in the thickness and density of hair growth

After six months, a user sees apparent hair regrowth and thicker hair.

Six months later, all users reported the following observations:

Improvement in hair loss
Stronger and healthier nails
Stronger and more resilient hair
Oil control and reduced skin redness of scalp

Source: Efficacy of a Nutritional Supplement, Standardized in Fatty Acids and Phytosterols, on Hair Loss and Hair Health in both Women and Men (June 14, 2017) BEAULIXIR® is used under the license of Roelmi HPC.

More Than One Culprit Of Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. Which are you facing? Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint just one.

In general, 80 to 90 percent of men’s hair loss can be attributed to what is known as androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness). This happens when the male hormone testosterone reacts with the 5α-Reductase enzymes stored in the hair follicles, producing the ‘killer’ of hair follicles – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An overbalanced amount of DHT will begin to attack hair follicles, resulting in their shrinkage and causing hair thinning and hair loss. Eventually, chronic hair loss will contribute to the death of hair follicles, halting the growth of new hair and inducing a phenomenon that is commonly experienced by men — androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness. As 5α-Reductase is secreted from the hair follicles on the hairline or the crown of the head, a common sign of male-pattern baldness is the M-shaped hairline or the Mediterranean Sea pattern.

In reality, the deterioration of hair follicles and abnormal hair loss can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as old age, emotional stress, ultraviolet exposure, environmental pollution, daily exposure to harmful chemicals, and more.

This means that if you want to save your hair, you must address all the different contributing factors so as to improve your hair loss condition and restore hair growth.

Oral Supplements VS Topical Products For Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

In a bid to quickly improve their situation, many men troubled by hair loss will often first opt for shampoos or serums, which are usually effective. However, if you find that the progress is slow and you wish to quicken or enhance your hair regrowth process, oral supplements are the way to go.

Oral supplements can improve your health from the inside out, thereby strengthening the health of your hair follicles and scalp. This will rapidly reduce hair loss and boost hair regrowth. In fact, as compared to hair growth products, supplements can offer better effectiveness in preventing hair loss. It is therefore advisable to utilise both internal and external solutions to quickly restore the appearance of thick hair.

Benefits of Oral Supplement:

  1. Consume anytime, anywhere. Easy and convenient.
  2. Does not require direct contact with the scalp and thus suitable for those with sensitive scalp.
  3. Accelerate the results of using the serum and shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair.

The Optimal Formula Using A Selection Of Six Natural Ingredients For Hair Growth

Besides taking note of the effectiveness of the ingredients prior to making your decision to take oral supplements, it is crucial to ensure that the supplement is all-natural without any negative side effects. This is especially important as conventional anti-hair loss oral supplements can affect sexual libido and performance, making it a tough choice for men!

Thankfully, there is now a breakthrough discovery of a new Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Oral Supplement! Developed from a formula researched exclusively in Italy, the supplement can successfully treat hair loss while allowing men to maintain their sexual prowess! Combining BEAULIXIR® + Herbal Power Bank (plant extracts for hair growth), the formula functions differently from conventional oral supplements such that it does not just regulate hormones to tackle hair loss. With a combination of natural plant extracts that stimulate hair growth in men, the formula targets hair loss from multiple angles to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. More importantly, the formula has no negative side effects and does not affect the sexual health of men.  

Hair Growth and Revitalisation =
BEAULIXIR® + Herbal Power Bank

Deconstructing  BEAULIXIR® and its strength

After years of research conducted by an Italian development team, six natural plant ingredients were selected — flax oil, wheat germ oil, borage oil, Saw Palmetto oil, extracts of Scots pine, and extracts of black wheat. Each ingredient functions differently and has been proven to alleviate hair loss. Amongst them, Saw Palmetto oil is known to be the saviour of hair loss!

Why Saw Palmetto is especially effective in treating male-pattern baldness:

  • The plant belongs to the family of Arecaceae
  • The juicy fruit of the Saw Palmetto plant contains rich fatty acid and plant steroids
  • The fat and natural steroids effectively regulates DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss
  • A highly pure concentration of Saw Palmetto oil extracted using advanced technology prevents hair loss and boosts hair growth as effectively as drugs that treat hair loss

A Powerful Combination Of Six Plant Ingredients

Together, the ingredients in  BEAULIXIR® produce a synergistic effect to prevent male hormones that cause hair loss from destroying hair follicles. This is similar to the longest railway in the world — the Trans-Siberian Railway Network, which represents the resilience of steel. Like the network, the combination of plant extracts in the formula works together to rescue shrinking hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

  1. Regulating activity of 5α-Reductase
    Saw Palmetto oil
  2.  Alleviating inflammation of scalp
    Extracts of black wheat, flax oil, borage oil
  3. Improving circulation of scalp
    Wheat germ oil and extracts of Scots pine
  4. Stronger body immunity
    Extracts of black wheat
  5. Strengthen antioxidant defenses
    Wheat germ oil and extracts of Scots pine

A Comprehensive Hair Treatment From

Five Angles

 BEAULIXIR® For Growth of New Hair:

  1. Comprises natural ingredients, non-hormonal formula.
  2. An all-natural hair growth formula developed using advanced technology.
  3. A comprehensive treatment that targets hair loss from multiple angles, far more effective than treatments with only a singular function.
  4. Drug-free formula, but with results that supersede anti-hair loss drugs.
  5. Proven by hair growth clinical trials in 2017.
  6. After one-month consumption, 77% of users reported an improvement in hair loss situation.
  7. After six-month consumption, 83.3% of users reported thicker hair.

Herbal Power Bank (Plant Extracts For Hair Growth) For A Boosted Effect:

Provides the natural nutrients needed for hair growth, including safflower oil; grape seed extract; rice essence; vitamin E of plant oil; long pepper; hydrolysed keratin; zinc yeast; and copper-enriched yeast / Glycerol. These ingredients treat hair loss caused by various external factors by providing the necessary nutrients required by hair follicles, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the anti-hair loss treatment.

Conclusion: A Breakthrough Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Oral Supplement For Specially For Men

  • Benefit 1:

A drug-free formula using all-natural plant ingredients.

  • Benefit 2:

Even though it is a drug-free formula, the results have been proven by clinical trials to supersede anti-hair loss drugs

  • Benefit 3:

Highly effective with no negative side effects, and therefore safe for consumption