Most people love a youthful look. An appearance associated with grey hair could easily give others an impression that you are eight to ten years older than your actual age. However, as dyeing hair frequently over a long period of time damages our hair, many among us turn to black food for supplementary purposes. Black beans and black sesame are among the popular food items that are much sought after by those looking to maintain the dark colour of their hair. How much of such foods should one consume, and for how long? Is consuming black food really helpful in maintaining black hair? Indeed, there is little to no scientific evidence to support such a practice.

Yet, a new type of black food has emerged recently — black sheep wool! Its appearance is darker than chalk and the taste of it can be rather unpalatable (is it even edible?), but clinical trials in France proved that it can reduce grey hair! Little did we know that the sheep wool that keeps us warm in winter has a hidden and alternative function of keeping our hair black when consumed.

Remember This:

Origin Melanin Maintain Natural Hair Colour

Hair is colorless in itself. Its colour comes from the secretion of melanin from the follicles of our hair roots. This hair pigmentation process is akin to how a ‘colouring machine’ continuously creates pigments to dye our hair. There are mainly two types of melanin — black melanin and brown melanin. Black melanin gives us black hair, while brown melanin gives us a variety of colors such as blonde, redhead, or brunette. Simply put, the volume and distribution of both types of melanin determine our natural hair colour. The more black melanin you have, the darker your hair. 

However, similar to machines, our body functions deteriorate as we age. When your in-built ‘colouring machine’ starts decreasing the production of natural pigments, you will go through a gradual greying of your hair before it turns white eventually. 

Three Reasons

for Hair Greying

Our hair turns grey when our in-built ‘colouring machine’ deteriorates, resulting in an insufficient production of melanin. But what causes the deterioration of our ‘colouring machine’?

Here are three main reasons:

As we age, our hair follicles age as well. Since our hair follicles are responsible for producing melanin, the production of melanin decreases overtime and eventually comes to a halt.

Changes in physical health such as hormonal imbalance, emotional stress, kidney disease and more can affect the production of melanin in our

External factors that disrupt the normal production of melanin include:

– Frequent perming, rebonding, bleaching, and dyeing of hair
– Imbalanced nutrition in the scalp cells  
– Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays

It is not impossible for us to repair our ‘colouring machine’, which can be restarted to continue producing natural black melanin. By restarting our machine naturally, we can do away with dyeing our hair using harmful chemicals.

Can Consuming Black Food
Really Make Our Hair Black?

I'm sure many of you have heard that eating black food such as black sesame, black beans, and black fungus can give you dark and shiny hair. As a matter of fact, black food contains anthocyanin and antioxidants, which boost immunity and improve hair quality. In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that black pigments are stored in the kidneys, and maintaining one’s kidneys is the key to maintaining a head of healthy black hair. In other words, black food is both good for the kidneys and hair.

Although black food is beneficial for our body and hair, it typically cannot increase the production of black melanin in our hair follicles. However, a new type of black food has recently been discovered to be able to restart our ‘colouring machine’ and increase the volume of black melanin in our hair!

Discovery Of New Black Food!

Consuming Black Sheep Wool To Naturally Reverse Your Hair Back To Black?

The new type of black food is none other than black sheep wool, but how is it different from other types of black food? Why is consuming black sheep wool effective? Firstly, you need to know that 90% of our hair is made up of keratin, which contains amino acids. Research has shown that the keratin structure of black sheep wool is very similar to that of human hair, which makes black sheep wool suitable to be used for purposes related to human hair.

Of course we're not asking you to consume black sheep wool raw or cooked! French researchers have used advanced technology to develop an oral formula for black hair — MELATINE®. From black sheep wool, they extracted soluble and natural hydrolysed keratin and black melanin. Given its natural hydrolysed nature, the new formula can be absorbed up to 96% by the human body. This supplements black melanin to our hair follicles in a direct and effective manner to naturally reverse our hair back to black.

Made in France, TRICHODERM® Grey Hair Reverse Oral Supplement exclusively adopts the oral formula of MELATINE® to prevent hair greying

This is how it works:

  • Directly stimulates the hair bulbs and black melanin cells beneath the hair follicles to awaken and restart the production of natural pigment cells 
  • Restores natural hair colour by reviving and increasing black melanin cells
  • Enhances antioxidants to deter against harmful free radicals

The collection of black sheep wool for scientific research and extraction is only done after the wool has been shed naturally by the sheeps.


Advanced technology is adopted to extract the amino acids, keratin, and black melanin in black sheep wool for the research and development of the patented oral formula MELATINE®.

The keratin structure of black sheep wool is very similar to that of human hair.

96% bioavailability 

Stimulate the melanogenosis process in the hair follicle

Made in France, all-natural, and drug-free. It has been thoroughly tested and is safe for consumption.

 Clinical trials showed that 87% of users who consumed MELATINE® for four consecutive months saw darker hair results

It is a common misbelief that natural ingredients are not as effective as medical drugs, but MELATINE® is proven by DERMSCAN Clinical trials to deliver significant results in reversing grey hair after four consecutive months of consumption:

Darker hair colour after consuming MELATINE® for two consecutive months

*Source: DERMSCAN Clinical Study Summary (KERAT' INNOV Internal Data)

Two Pills Daily To Darken
Your Grey Hair!

Dyeing hair may temporarily allow you to cover your white hair, but it is not a long-term solution. Prolonged use of chemical hair dyes cause serious damage to your hair follicles, which in turn causes more white hair!

Reducing or stopping the use of harmful hair dyes may restore the natural essence of your hair, but if you want better and faster grey-hair reversal results, you will need natural ingredients that supplement your hair from within. TRICHODERM® Grey Hair Reverse Oral Supplement provides nutrition and black melanin to the hair follicles with an all-natural, allergen-free and preservative-free formula so that you can safely consume it.

Take two pills before your meals daily and you will see your grey hair reversing back to black from the roots. This means less hair dyeing, more healthy hair, and lots of time saved!