TrichoCell™ Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology



MEN Series

TRICHODERM®BlackSeries is a range of premium next generation hair growth therapy with the latest cutting edge powerful TrichoCell™ ingredients. It helps increase the density of the hair while reducing loss and stimulating new hair growth. Powered by the TrichoCell™ Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology , it consists of the Plant Stem cells (Apple and Argan) , Japanese botanical herbal extracts and the Trichological complex. The effectiveness of TRICHODERM® as a hair growth accelerator is achieved by activating the self renewal of hair follicle stem cells at the epidermal layer prolonging the hair life cycle and by protecting and vitalizing the dermal stem cell – reactivation of the hair follicle stems cells at the root to induce hair follicle formation.

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*Based on the Internal Data from the Supplier of Apple Stem Cells
**Based on the Internal Data from the Supplier of the Trichological Complex

Injection of TrichoCell™

Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration of the hair follicle stem cells at the hair root, increase of dermal density and increase in the renewal of secondary hair follicle stems cells.

Self renewal of the follicle stem cells at the epidermis prolonging the hair life cycle

Redensify Hair, Elastic And Voluminous Hair

Slow down hair follicle regression by 50%*

Reducing hair loss by 45%**

Growth of new hair by 163%** and improvement of the anagen/telogen hair ratio