Plant Stem Cells Based Hair Therapy and Clinical Proof

Stop Hair Loss

With The Essence Of
Two Plant Stem Cells

Regardless of your reason for hair loss, it is important to intervene and solve the problem as early as possible before you start balding at the crown of your head. Reserch has shown that Swiss Apple Stem Cells and Argan Tree Stem Cells helps to  stimulate hair growth and extend the growth phase to reduce hair loss. Many of the hair care centers also use these plant stem cells therapy to boost hair growth, however, such treatments are known to be very expensive. 

Trichoderm® Anti-Hair Loss Serum contains a unique Tricohological Complex and two different plant stem cells. When used daily, the serum helps to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. A box of ten vials costs only hundred dollars, which gives you a bang for your buck. Now, let’s take a look at its effectiveness.

The Most Powerful Stem Cell Therapy In The World

1. Stem cells of rare Swiss Apples (Uttwiler Spätlauber) extends the lifespan of hair​

  • Uttwiler Spätlauber is a rare and endangered species of Swiss Apples. It is known that there are limited quantities of this fruit around the world.
  • Swiss Apples have a long lifespan and can be stored for two to three months without losing their freshness. On the other hand, regular apples can only be kept for one week.
  • It contains rich plant nutrition and proteins that supplement the necessary nutrients required for hair growth.
  • Test has shown that it reduces the deterioration of hair follicles by 50%. This means that the stem cells of Swiss Apples can help to delay the ageing process of your hair.

2. Argan Root (Argania Spinosa) stem cells boosts hair growth​

  • One of the oldest tree species in the world, the Argania Spinosa has survived on planet Earth for more than 80 million years. It has existed since before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and is now considered an endangered tree species.
  • Its lifespan ranges from 150 to 200 years.
  • Its trunk and branches can reach a height of eight to ten metres, while its roots can penetrate 30 metres underground.
  • Argania Spinosa can survive an extremely high and dry temperature exceeding 50°C. This means its cells can survive in a tough environment.
  • The rich epigenetics and metabolites strengthen the growth of dermal stem cells, thus maintaining the health of the scalp.
  • Research shows that it takes only three weeks for Argania Spinosa cells to stimulate the stem cells of the epidermis, thereby inducing repairs of hair follicles and boosting hair growth. 

Complemented With Trichogen And Japanese Botanical Extracts​

For Stronger Hair

Trichodgen, a tricological complex with ginseng, burdock and soy bean  helps to boost hair growth

  • Research shows that it reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth.
  • At the same time, it promotes circulation in the scalp.

Japanese botanical extracts for healthier hair

  • Loquat leaf, Swertia japonica, green plum, Origanum majorana, Humulus lupulus and Rhodomyrtus tomentosa – extracted from a total of six types of Japanese plants.
  • It helps to boost the growth of dermal papilla and regulate enzymes that cause hair loss. It also provides water and nutrition for thicker, softer and more resilient hair, with the additional benefit of reducing hair odour by controlling the secretion of active oil glands.

臨床實驗證實 Trichological Complex 可以有效防脫活髮