Scalp Health Solutions

Scalp Health Solutions

1. Controlling Irritation, the root cause of scalp sensitivity

A Soothing Scalp Care Treatment should control irritation without dysregulating or disturbing the scalp microbiome.

While traditional medicinal ingredients provide a quick solution to control the irritation, they can damage the whole scalp ecosystem.

Traditional medicinal ingredients work by killing local fungi, yeast, and bacteria on the scalp. For example, it can kill Malassezia, the yeast that overgrows and creates flakes. However, this is a temporary solution as Malassezia tends to adapt and reappear.


2. Resetting the Scalp Microbiome

Apply beneficial, dominant microbes to the scalp (postbiotics) together with their food source (prebiotics) so that the microbes overcome the negative microbes. Negative microbes are eliminated when the prebiotics triggers the postbiotics to release enzymes that convert proteins into amino acids, and fat into fatty acids. 

Resetting the scalp microbiome is the key to tackling scalp sensitivity issues and gaining a healthy and balanced scalp. Maintaining the right balance of yeast and bacteria is particularly important for preventing inflammatory conditions like eczema on the scalp.

Feast on Good Scalp Bacteria

Overpower the Bad Bacteria