Antioxidant Power - An Upcycling Ingredient against Hair Greying

Melanin Booster

Upcycled Mandarins against Hair Greying

MelanoGray™ is an anti-hair greying essence that is sustainably obtained by upcycling the peel paste from unique organic Chios mandarins. Thanks to its melanin stimulating and antioxidant activity, it markedly reduces the quantity of grey hair in both men and women.

The Chios mandarins exclusively grow under very specific conditions, which are optimally found in the beautiful historic orchards of the Greek island of Chios. MelanoGray™ was produced from the leftovers of these special mandarins that are used in the distillation process of organic fragrance production. The extract is supplemented with acetyl tyrosine, which is the substrate for melanin synthesis.

3 Secrets about MELANOGRAYTM

^ Data provided by Mibelle Biochemistry