The Power of Keranat™ and HGP​


(Hair Growth Peptides)


Natural HAIRYROOT Réactif L'Extrait

 , is originated from Miliacin which is a rare molecule extracted from whole millet seeds grown in France. It is 100% vegetal, non GMO.

Keranat™ with miliacine biospheres

Growth factors

  • Combats hair loss from the root and rejuvenate hair growth from the bulb
  • Increases collagen thickness around the hair shaft and reinforces hair anchorage in the scalp to allow hair retention and growth
  • Polar Lipids, ceramides for a healthy scalp

Hair Growth Peptides (HGP) 

An egg yolk protein peptide and bioengineering active ingredient from Japan that restores health growth factors

Eggs contain an active ingredient
necessary for hair growth

Protein from egg yolks
Peptide engineering

(Hair Growth peptide)

Peptide Engineering

To cut off various peptides from egg derived proteins, we used special proteinases and original methods. After isolation and purification Bioactive peptides were found.