The Power of Melatine®

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Act Internally to Reactive Hair Pigmentation
Patented and Proven Innovation from France

Fuelled by state-of-the-art technology from France, the groundbreaking grey hair reversal formula — MELATINE® — is a melanic keratin peptides complex, soluble and bioactive, containing all the essential nutrients as well as bio-available precursors, responsible for hair coloring. Our soluble keratin hydrolysates, derived from black sheep wool,  is naturally rich in melanin (the pigment responsible for natural hair colouring). An active agent that promotes repigmentation of hair follicles, MELATINE® contains soluble hydrolysates that reach a bioavailability of 96%. By providing a constant source of melanin, it is now easier than ever to restore grey hair to its natural colour.

Melanin (the essential pigment for natural colouring) found in hair is fundamentally different from the skin's melanin pigmentation — the result of prolonged exposure to UV radiation and free radicals. MELATINE® is designed to stimulate the growth of natural pigments (melanin) in hair follicles and will not darken the skin.

MELATINE® is a patented formula that features bioactive hydrolysed keratin, which has been meticulously derived to provide high-quality keratin and does not damage the proteins during the process. The amino acids found in the wool are not only compatible with the body's needs, 96% of the substance can also be absorbed easily, making it an invaluable agent to reactivate hair pigmentation, bringing back its natural colour.

3 technologically-advanced steps

to derive hydrolysed keratin from black sheep wool:


separate the proteins by interfering with the disulphide bonds and break them down into different types of amino acids


the protein chains are cut into small tripeptides that are soluble and easily absorbed by the human body


by eliminating the solid and insoluble parts, only the soluble keratin is retained for our formula 

United States Patent: US 2018/0110809 A1
French Patent: FR 3 035 590 – A1
MELATINE® is Hydrolyzed Keratin used as a food ingredient. It has been approved by DGCCRF, under European regulation CE n゜258/97