Shining and bright smooth hair enhances the attraction of women. For women, the beauty of having thick and shining hair is inexplicable. Reality is, however, cruel. Matured ladies often find themselves troubled by the problems of hair loss and fractured hair. The problem of hair loss could be indicating other health problems, including oxidation of scalp, deterioration of hair follicle and ageing hair.

Whether you are a mother or a single lady, you will still have to deal with thinner hair and hair loss problem when you are ageing. Your hairline and hair root might become thinner and your hair is not as thick as it was when you were younger.

Understanding The Lifespan And Science Of Your Hair

Similar to humans, hair does have its own lifespan. Yoshiaki Horie, Medical Director of Ebisu Beauty Clinic, said that human being has 100,000 hair follicle.   The hair follicle at root part of each hair strand goes through different stages of growth. The growth of hair can be divided into three phases.

Growing phase of hair follicle
(Two to five years)

Usually involves 85-90% of hair

Hair loss: Lower than 80% of hair

The end of active growth of hair
(Three weeks)

Usually involves 1% of hair

Resting phase when hair strand falls
(Four to five months)

Usually involves 10-15% of hair

Hair loss: More than 20% of hair

Medical Director Yoshiaki Horie

Hair growth has time span of two to five years. Catagen stage, however, has only three weeks. Telogen stage lasts for four to five months. If hair follicle is damaged during the stage of hair growth, early hair loss might occur.

Bird's Nest Style Is The Most Troubling Type Of Hair Loss

We lose hair everyday. How do we define abnormal hair loss?

Under normal circumstances, a person loses 50 to 100 strands each day. It is considered abnormal hair loss if one loses more than 100 strands a day. Generally speaking, women don't have receding hairline and are not troubled by Type M hair loss like men did. Female's hair loss might start from the top of head. Looking from above, one might see a shape similar to bird's nest. Hairline, forehead and top of the head might see thinner hair.

Multiple Factors Behind
Women's Hair Loss

Causes of women’s hair loss problem are different from men. Yoshiaki Horie cited some reasons. Greater pressure due to physical and psychological factors, inappropriate weight loss program leading to poor nutrition, reduced hormone after menopause, postnatal changes of hormone level in body. Some diseases such as high or low thyroid hormone and anemia also cause hair loss.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male’s hormone, shortens the cycle of hair growth and causes early hair loss. Similar situation might happen if male’s hormone level in a female’s body increases or becomes abnormal. Change of hormone level takes place during pregnancy and postnatal period. The change affects hair growth and hair loss for a short period of time.

Female hormone takes care of hair growth. But Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a type of male’s hair loss which is caused by the influence of androgen (male hormone). A type of ‘bad’ male hormone, AGA is thought to be following the changes of DHT and feeding the cells with message to halt the growth of new hair.

Excessive secretion of DHT and declining estrogenic hormone → Hair loss

The decline in estrogenic hormone and imbalanced hormone level also affect the life span of hair. Compared to young ladies in their 20s who are at the high secretion level of estrogenic hormone, thinner hair and hair loss problems troubled women older than 40 years old.


Internal And External Factors Behind Female's Hair Loss Problem

External factors:

  • Frequent permanent styling and dyeing of your hair

  • Usage of chemicals for permanent styling

  • Excessive pulling of hair, as ladies often do a ponytail.

  • Infected / damaged scalp

Internal factors:

  • Imbalanced hormone caused by psychological pressure due to work and daily life

  • Imbalanced diets and poor nutrition which caused a lack of protein and calcium

  • Reduced hormone secretion during postnatal and menopause

  • Troubled by diabetes, Thyroid Disorder and other diseases.

  • Intake of medicine including anti-cancer drugs, Antihypertensive drug, antidepressants, and contraceptive pill.

  • Radiation therapy

A Must-Read For Prevention Of Female's Hair Loss

Root of the problem lies in reviving hair root


Maintain 85% or higher percentage of your hair during its growth stage so that it grows consistently.


Maintaining hair root in dermal layer to prevent age-related contraction of hair follicle.


Key factor: Non-medicinal oral supplements to stimulate hair growth cells and protect circulation of healthy hair. Consumers usually feel at ease when taking non-medicinal oral supplements.

Hair growth and participation of IGF-1

A+ Recommendation By Japanese Medical Director

Non-medicinal  Trichoderm® Hair Oral Supplement with the function of reviving hair root and boosting hair growth

Reviving hair root:

  1. Hair root revived: Direct and biological stimulation of papillary layer and hair by tackling the reason of female's hair loss.
  2. IGF-1+ KGF – help boost cell division and growth factor to keep your hair in its early growth phase.

Stop Hair Loss And Restore The Vitality Of Hair Growth

Two Patented Ingredients

Keranat™: Miliacin From Millet

Root of the problem lies in reviving hair root

33kg Keranat™

Extracted from millet

10g of precious Miliacin



  •  Precious Miliacin enhances the thickness of collagen around hair shaft to prevent hair loss and restore vitality of hair growth.

  • It secures and stabilizes hair in the scalp to prolong the lifespan of healthy hair.

  • Ceramide focuses on the health of scalp and hair root. It secures on and fastens on hair on the scalp to extend the lifespan of hair.

Hair Growth Peptide HGP

Egg Yolk and protein which boost hair growth

Clinical Research: Enhancing Hair Growth Factor


Growth factor of insulin



Keratin growth Factor


Hair maintaining healthy growth cycle

Clinical Trial: After consuming Keranat™ for three months, users reported an average reduction of hair loss by


Pull Test

A dermatologist is to pull ten strands during a pull test with similar strength. A positive reading will be recorded if two or more strands fall off.

Keranat™ Group

  • Initial stage of research: 40% showing Positive reading
  • 84 days later: Zero cases of 100% Positive reading. Which means hair becomes more resilient.

Comparison With Oral Supplements In The Market

  • Frequent hair perming, rebonding, or dyeing of hair Specially formulated to target at  female's hair loss
  • The only supplement which contains Keranat™ extracted from millet and hair growth peptide HGP
  • Patented Ingredients from France + Research and production by Japanese technology
  • Natural, non-medicinal, not a Hormonal Treatment
  • Proven effective on female's hair loss backed up by two major clinical trials
  • Publication on scientific journals

Oral Supplements Restoring Women's Hair Growth

Extracted from millet

Precious Miliacin and oral supplement of Ceramide enhance the thickness of collagen and protein around hair shaft

Three months later

50% lesser hair loss = 16,000 strands survive hair loss

・100% passed 

・Hair pull test

Trichoderm® Oral supplement Specially Formulated for Women

Hair growth elements reviving hair root   Drug Free  

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