Many products against hair loss always  claim themselves to be effective. As a matter of fact, users reported that majority of them to be of less effective outcome. The new product Trichoderm® Oral Hair Supplement for Women is different as it is able to revive hair root and hair growth. Trichoderm® offers two patented ingredients Keranat™ and Hair Growth Peptide (HGP) which have been undergone clinical tests. The ingredients have been proven to be effective in preventing hair loss. Keranat™ is extracted from French Millet. Keranat™ contains Miliacin which restore the strength of hair root to be effective against  hair loss and to accelerate thicker hair. Hair pull test on the women subjects taking Keranat™ have been conducted in France and the test results is positive.

A Glimpse Into The Actual Pull Test:

Speaking of pull test, many would have thought it means a person's long hair is tied to drag a truck. This is a wrong perception. The pull test is carried out by a dermatologist, who pull about ten strands of hair. When two or more strands have been pulled off, that would be read as positive. If one to two strands or no strands have been pulled off, the outcome would be read as zero – which means a pass.

At the initial phase of the research, subjects under the Keranat™ Group showed a positive reading. When the research  ended on 84 days later, there have been zero case of positive reading. This showed that the hair had grown more resilient to hold onto the scalp. With the improved hair health, it is proved that Keranat™ offers better outcome in terms of anti-hair loss 

In addition to pull test, another clinical trial also showed that users reported an improvement after using product with Keranat™ ingredients for six weeks. Users saw a reduction of hair fall of 2,000 strands* after using the product for twelve weeks. The hair loss rate declined 50%*. As many as 91%* of the users are satisfied that their hair loss problem has been improved and they now have thicker hair.

(* Clinical research provided by Robertet Group)

A Powerful Formulation: Reviving hair root and Encouraging hair growth

The product contains the reviving cells of hair root and hair growth. The combination of patented ingredients of Keranat and HGP produces significant effect of hair loss prevention.

Patented Ingredients of Keranat™


Keranat™ extracted from French millet contains:

  • Precious Miliacin enhances the thickness of collagen around hair shaft to prevent hair loss and restore vitality of hair growth.
  • Ceramide focuses on the health of scalp and hair root. It secures on and fastens on hair on the scalp to extend the lifespan of hair.

HGP from Japan:

  • Protein of hair growth peptide helps repair growth factor of hair and boosts its growth.

Effectiveness of Keranat™ was proven by various types of research​

Supported by SIX years of research

FIVE researches on external body

TWO clinical trials which proved its curative effect

ONE publication of scientific journal

ONE patent of European Union and United States

ONE mechanism of original dynamic

Thanks to the inclusion of patented ingredient of Keranat, this product of reviving hair root and hair growth is able to offer such an outstanding hair loss prevention result.

Self-checking of hair health:

As we have understood about the French way of professional testing, how about doing a small test to examine the health level of our hair? Follow these simple steps and you will have an answer immediately.

Step 1

Pour a cup of water

Step 2

Take one strand of hair

Step 3

Put it into the water

Step 4

Observe if it floats or sinks

Why does it float or sink?

A : It float

Rest assured that your hair is healthy

B : Half-floating and half-sinking

Hair health needs improvement

C : It sinks to bottom

Poor health. Take the correct action to treat your hair accordingly.

Why does it float or sink?

Hair sinking to the bottom means it is unhealthyi

Each strand of hair is full of Keratin. Protein is drained when the hair is damaged. And a damaged hair means it is also a porous hair. This explains why porous hair sinks to the bottom of a water cup because water fills up all its small holes. Contrarily, healthy hair has no holes for water to penetrate and is thus able to float in the water.