Many men experience hair loss and they lose faith as if they have been served a death sentence. Perhaps you have heard of or tried anti-hair loss oral supplements that were effective for improving hair growth, but at a compromise of your sexual libido. This is because conventional oral supplements prevent hair loss by controlling the male hormones to reduce the shrinking of hair follicles, but a full head of hair often comes at the cost of a reduced sex drive…. No! No! No! For men facing hair loss, we now have a solution for you!

Who Is The Culprit of Hair Loss?

Hair loss in men is attributed to one main culprit!

The scene of the crime: When the male hormone testosterone reacts with the excessively-active 5α-Reductase enzymes, the result is the production of the ‘killer’ of hair follicles – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An overbalanced amount of DHT will begin to attack hair follicles, resulting in their shrinkage and causing hair thinning and hair loss. Eventually, chronic hair loss will contribute to the death of hair follicles, halting the growth of new hair and inducing a phenomenon that is commonly experienced by men — androgenetic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness. As 5α-Reductase is secreted from the hair follicles on the hairline or the crown of the head, a common sign of male-pattern baldness is the M-shaped hairline or the Mediterranean Sea pattern, whilst hair on the back of the head remains unaffected.

So that’s it! 5α-Reductase is the ultimate culprit of male-pattern baldness. In order to reduce hair loss, it is important to control the level of 5α-Reductase activity and reduce the concentration of DHT. 

The formation of M-shaped hairline and
Mediterranean Sea balding pattern

Choosing Between Hair and Sexual Libido? No Way!
Both Must Be Strong and Resilient!

Most hair-loss oral supplements for men on the market work by regulating the activity of 5α-Reductase and reducing the production of DHT, but these supplements often come with the negative side effect of reducing sexual libido. As DHT is a sex hormone, oversuppression of its secretion levels can cause lower sexual libido and performance. In other words, this presents a painful dilemma for men!

Even though a head of thick hair may boost a man’s confidence, if this comes at the cost of poor sexual performance and you are unable to enjoy the experience with your dream girl, then what’s the point of having so much hair? Should you keep your hair or maintain your sexual performance? It seems that all over the world, men who face hair loss are caught between a rock and a hard place.

However, a new Intensive Anti-Hair Loss Oral Supplement has recently been discovered! Developed from a formula researched exclusively in Italy, the supplement is here to help resolve the dilemma faced by men who experience hair loss! This brand new formula can be said to be a major breakthrough in the history of anti-hair loss research. Unlike the conventional method of regulating hormones, the formula targets hair loss from multiple angles and combines a variety of highly effective plant extracts to strengthen hair growth and reduce hair loss. More importantly, this formula does not affect the sexual health of men. With both thick hair and strong sexual performance, men can now benefit from this win-win solution!

Unveiling The Exclusive Formula!
Effective Plant Extracts For Better Hair Loss Prevention

How exactly does the new formula prevent hair loss without compromising sexual health? Let us unravel the mystery.

The formula is produced using a combination of  BEAULIXIR®  + Herbal Power Bank (plant extracts for hair growth). It makes use of natural plant ingredients to readjust the biological structure of hair follicles, effectively countering hair loss and enhancing hair growth from all angles. The all-natural formula does not cause any side effects and will neither suppress male hormones nor affect the sexual performance of men.

Hair Growth and Revitalisation =
BEAULIXIR® + Herbal Power Bank

 BEAULIXIR®  is a patented innovative anti-hair loss formula produced by an Italian research team using a combination of six types of natural plant extracts. Amongst the ingredients, one plant is particularly popular for promoting hair growth — the Saw Palmetto.  

  • As early as several hundred years ago, Native Americans prepared medicine using the juicy fruit of the Saw Palmetto plant to treat diseases of the prostate, bladder, and urethra. It has a history of being a helpful treatment for men.
  • The fruit of the  Saw Palmetto plant contains fatty acid and plant steroids, which helps to regulate the activity of 5α-Reductase and control the concentration of DHT. It is very effective in treating male-pattern baldness.
  • Saw Palmetto can biologically revitalise the scalp to reduce hair loss and restore hair growth on bald spots.
  • Together with the rest of the other plant ingredients, the formula stimulates hair growth and strengthens the vitality and resilience of hair. This is similar to the longest railway in the world — the Trans-Siberian Railway Network, which represents the resilience of steel. Like the network, the combination of plant extracts in the formula works together to rescue shrinking hair follicles and promote new hair growth.

Herbal Power Bank (plant extracts for hair growth)

Herbal Power Bank supplies the daily nutrients required for natural hair growth. Among the ingredients, there are safflower oil; grape seed extract; rice essence; vitamin E of plant oil; long pepper; hydrolysed keratin; zinc yeast, and copper-enriched yeast/ glycerol. These ingredients effectively treat hair-loss caused by external factors by providing hair follicles with the nutrients necessary for hair growth.

Did You Know: Saw Palmetto

Often seen and grown in the southeastern part of the United States, these slow-growing small palms measure at a height ranging between 3 to 5 metres, with fan-shaped leaves. Its fruits come in maroon colour and are shaped like ovals.

The Truth Supported by Evidence:
  BEAULIXIR® Is Effective For Hair Loss

Drug-free formula but better than drugs! Its innovative effectiveness has been proven by clinical trials.

After consuming BEAULIXIR® consecutively for one month

More than 70 percent of users reported an improvement in hair loss prevention

The effects will vary from person to person

Daily Consumption For Faster Hair Growth

When you find yourself losing hair at an abnormal rate, you must immediately find a way to slow down this process. Otherwise, you will find it more difficult to turn things around when the top of your head becomes completely bald, and hair treatments are also more expensive at this stage. Besides using anti-hair loss shampoo and serum at the early stages of hair loss, boost the effectiveness of your anti-hair loss regime by consuming oral supplements to rapidly improve the health of your hair.

We know that men dislike wasting time, which is why this oral supplement requires an intake of only once daily. It is recommended to be consumed before meals. 

For an intensive hair treatment: Consume three pills once daily over a period of three to six months.
For maintenance: Consume two pills once daily.

Typically, once the hair follicles regain its health after three months, your hair will become more resilient and you will observe lesser hair fall and more new hair growth. 

You can now become a strong, confident man from top to bottom, both in the streets and in the sheets!